Best casual outfit for bridegroom and groomsmen

Dhoti which is gaining worldwide popularity comes with jari border, pockets and other such stylish ingredients. This trendy single piece clothing which can be easily worn provides maximum comfort to the wearer. Men living in Kerala wear varieties of traditional dhoti during temple festivals, wedding, engagement and birthday ceremonies.

Even small kids and children living in Kerala state wear medium size dhoti during birthday, family gatherings and social functions. Kerala people always give respect to others those who wear dhoti and pajama. You can also wear luxury watches, stylish belts and leather slippers and inners along with dhoti and showcase your status in a spectacular manner.

Men can go natural when they wear dhoti Men living in rural as well as urban centers of Tamil Nadu also wear premium quality dhoti and shirts during festival seasons. Office goers, workers, casual laborers and family men also wear pure cotton shirts for mens and take part in cultural festivals.  Even ladies living in rural areas of India drape dhoti and take part in their daily routines. If you want to share positive tales and stories to your neighbors and friends decide to wear premium dhoti. You can walk boldly and confidently on the roads when you wear colorful dhotis.