Internationally recognized and certified interior design school

Students can unleash their creativity and designing skills when they do one of the interior designing courses offered by this prestigious school. Students who enrol in diploma and master’ course in interior designing will score maximum marks in all the subjects and start seeing brighter side of life.

You will start learning CAD and 3D modelling software, portfolio development, and advanced concepts of home and commercial interior designs through talented faculties. All the courses offered by this popular interior designing school are accredited to IIID, ISO 9001:2000, and MSME. Students who come from civil engineering, architecture, home improvement, and creative fields will stand to benefit when they do a diploma or master’s course.

Experienced faculties will shoulder maximum responsibility

Students will get international exposure when they join a diploma or master’ course since architects, engineers, designers, drawing experts will visit the campus regularly and share their visions and ideas to them. You can make huge income when you choose interior design career. Students will learn the basics of CAD software and also computer applications when they choose one of the diploma courses. You can lead a stress-free life once you start your own interior designing company after completing the course. You can also generate employment once you start operating your own business set-up.