Popularity of tussar silk sarees in the online stores

When silk is considered, there are different types of silk material that is available in the market today. One such type is Tussar silk and it is also known by the Sanskrit name Kosa silk. The silk threads of this type are produced from a special type of silk worms that breed only on the wild trees and not the usual mulberry ones. A major producer of tussar silk in India is Bhagalpur. buy tussar silk sarees online Tussar silk sarees usually cost little less than the other types of silk sarees. The fibres of tussar silk are short and are less durable. This is the reasons for the price drop of these material sarees. Even though the fibres are short in nature, the porous property of the material makes it an ideal choice to be worn in hot summers. The silk threads give out a natural dull gold color. This makes the material more attractive and can be used for special occasions like weddings and other functions.  This material is very delicate and the garments made out of this material cannot be washed by hand. Dry cleaning is very essential for any tussar silk saree. It is also important to store these types of sarees in a muslin bag so that it is breathable for the saree.