Price range of Velcro dhotis for men

Dhoti is a cloth piece that is used to cover the lower region of the body. It is usually worn by men. This belongs to the category of traditional drapery. Dhoti of any kind represent the rich heritage of Indian civilization. The garment is rectangular in shape and measures to almost 5 yards in length. Wearing a dhoti gives an aura of inherence to one’s own tradition. These clothing items are made of different materials like Khaddar, cotton, silk of various kinds, polyester and also many other types of cotton. The most recent inventions enable making dhotis out of knitted fabric. Recently, Velcro dhotis have been introduced in the market as an alternate option for the traditional styles. This type of dhoti has a Velcro that is attached to the top end of the garment. A Velcro has two parts and each part are attached to the opposite ends of the dhoti. When these types of dhotis are worn a person just has to stick both ends of the Velcro and the dhoti will be tied to the hip region. Velcro dhotis are available in all price ranges velcro dhoti price is decided based on the material that is used in making the dhoti.